It was in 1975...

...when I got my first camera, it was a Ricoh, onto which you still had to screw on the lenses.

Since then I had many different types of cameras, analogue (some just made of cardboard) and digital.

In the end, taking pictures always came down to one thing:

No matter if a picture shows people, landscapes or structures,
no matter if it tells a story itself or if it encourages the watching persons to tell this to themselves.

If there is no story you just will say "hello“ to the picture and then continue your way - and forget about what you have seen.

If there is a story, you will come back to the picture, as you would do with a person you are interested in. You will try to get closer and to know more about it.
As you do with good friends.

So I hope that you might become good friends with one of my pictures.
Or maybe even more.


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